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WARNING: You must be of legal alcohol consumption age in your country to participate.

Strongbow Gold Cider is a delicious, high quality, refreshing bottled cider made from the finest apples.

You just walked in a trendy bar with friends and there are dozens of alcoholic beverages on offer. What could Strongbow Gold Cider do to become your must-have drink?

Format: Text, photos, PowerPoint presentations, collages, or videos.

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Zoki รางวัล #1
Zoki 27,650 คะแนนความคิดสร้างสรรค์
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รางวัลที่ #1 ของ 2,500 €

We found Eyeka in September 2011, where we found place to unleash our creativity and maybe earn some extra money. We are a team of two mostly specialized in stop motion (clay) animation. This particular project was really fun to work on, because we wanted to create fun, out of the box advertising ideas that would stand out from existing ads. Most of the inspiration we got from Strongbow gold logo and tried to implement it in creation of uncommon advertising techniques from the street to bar appearance, as well as subtle things that would stay in consumers mind and engage them to have one.

tokyo รางวัล #2
tokyo 510 คะแนนความคิดสร้างสรรค์
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รางวัลที่ #2 ของ 1,500 €

I've discovered eYeka last year in my University. One day, some guys made a lecture about successful French start-ups. Did I really cared? Not really, I was more worried doodling on my notebook and throwing pieces of papers to the students next to me. So, how comes I've ended up on the website one year later? Call it luck, fluke, karma or serendipity, It's all the same stuff. I picked the first available brief and started having ideas… turns out someone liked them!

lizzy123 รางวัล #3
lizzy123 0 คะแนนความคิดสร้างสรรค์
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รางวัลที่ #3 ของ 1,000 €

A friend had suggested I check out the EYEKA website. The Strongbow competition was the first one I saw and it seemed fun. I thought it was a good creative challenge to help launch Strongbow in a new market.  I usually brainstorm my ideas, putting myself in the position of the consumer. I then share the ideas with some friends for a sense check then try picking out the more innovative and original (yet still practical/realistic) ideas for my submission.  I'm inspired by ideas that encourage people to re-appraise something whether it's a brand, product or anything else.

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