Cadbury Hide & Find การประกวดสิ้นสุดลงแล้ว

Create an exciting and creative clue for the new Cadbury Hide & Find Easter Egg hunt to delight and engage kids and families!

2,590 €
การประกวดสิ้นสุดลงในวันที่ 03 มกราคม 2020

Hide and seek, treasure hunt, “Red light, Green light”, are games we have all played when we were kids. And despite the abundance of social media and video games today’s kids still play them! Those very popular games are great ways to educate kids through playing. Indeed, they stimulate their way of thinking, they improve their expression, but also make them learn and respect rules and it surely creates bonding moments between children and their families. That’s probably why we all love them!

Hiding little treasures and supporting kids in their quest is always exciting, no matter if it is Easter time or not. Usually, we play Hide & Find game by telling riddles/clues, short enigmas or statements, that need to be solved in order to find the place where the treasure stays.

Cadbury is a brand we are all familiar with. And Cadbury is more than chocolate: it is a brand that wants to create playful and bonding occasions for families. Today they want to reinvent and modernise the Hide & Find game by using Amazon Alexa devices to tell riddles, and encourage kids to explore their house to find treasures. It is a revolutionary way to play a treasure hunt: parents will hide little treasures around their home, then will use Alexa to read out the clues to their children, who will then go and hunt! The app will have a number of different locations programmed within it, so parents can choose the locations they like best. We need your creativity to create riddles/clues for young children aged 3-7 and 8-11 in a quest for little treasures in their home. Can you help?

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